We live for Sustainability and Responsible Gaming!

Zenita Strandänger and Monica Medvall have worked for many years at a strategic and operational level in the fields of sustainability and responsible gaming, as well as managing major projects.

Over the years, we have created many relationships, and communicated and greatly contributed to developing a focus on responsibility in organisations, as well as within national and international working groups.

We are both senior consultants and always actively engage in employee development. This is the basis for achieving effective and successful development work. Our breadth and depth of experience enables us to work flexibly and adapt to different areas of activity. Read more about us.

Many of you know us from our influential years with Svenska Spel. We are now continuing the campaign for a sustainable gaming market by offering our services in responsible gaming and sustainability as advisors to players in the gaming industry and several other industries. Our company is called Strandänger & Medvall AB. Our board includes our respected mentor Meg Tivéus, a board professional with experience within the gaming industry, and a former CEO of Svenska Spel.

We are both senior consultants and always engage employees in development. This is to gain grounding and achieve efficient and successful projects. Our breadth of knowledge and experience means that we can work flexibly and adapt to diverse businesses.

We have decided to share our expertise in the following areas:

  • Status and competitor analysis
  • Strategies and policies
  • Identification of business related sustainable development goals
  • Stakeholder and material analysis
  • Education and research-related responsible gaming
  • Market research and communication
  • Certification

Read more about us.

Throughout the year we have built up and developed responsible gaming and sustainability policies for Svenska Spel, and through our expertise have contributed strongly to the field of sustainability in national and international working parties.


“To be successful in today’s business environment you must have a cool head, warm heart and clean hands!”

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