Sustainable business development increases growth and contributes to a better world!

Sustainable development combines profitability, environmental considerations and social commitment. It’s not just concerned with reducing the company’s negative impact on the environment, and also looks at how it can also make a positive contribution.The following image describes how to work within the dimensions of economy, society and biosphere, and then to identify the global goals associated with your particular business:

As customers increasingly question and assume that companies work with sustainable development, we are convinced that responding to his demand is not only a competitive advantage, but also contributes to the industry’s reputation

Sustainability can involve several areas, such as business ethics and anti-corruption, diversity and gender equality, working conditions, human rights, and the environment. If your company can control what, where and which impact your business has, as part of an executive action plan, then customers may see you as a more desirable employer, which in turn can lead to increased growth.

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How does your company’s sustainability work stand up?

Examples of typical questions
  • Which laws apply to my company?
  • Do you know in what area the company has the biggest negative impact?
  • Do you keep track of the company’s supply chain?
  • Does the company have a code of conduct, and how it is followed up?
  • Do you converse with stakeholders, and are you aware of what they know about your sustainability work?
  • Have you identified the employees that are involved in the company’s sustainability work?


We help identify improvements

Strandänger & Medvall can assist by doing a situational analysis to identify where any gaps exist, or to advise on improving your current work practices.It may, for example, involve all or selected parts of the following content
  • Surveys/Risk analysis
  • Strategy/Policy
  • Action plans
  • Targets, KPIs, follow-ups, analysis
  • Identification of global goals related to the business
  • Stakeholder and Materiality analysis
  • Communication
  • Training


We advise the gaming industry, and various other business concerns

We also offer sustainability courses tailored to the gaming industry (and well as other bespoke courses).

Everyone, big or small, can contribute to a better world. We’ll teach you how!

Content example

  • External influences/Trends
  • What is sustainable development?
  • Sustainability perspectives
    • 3 dimensions
    • 7-8 sustainability areas
    • Agenda 2030, Global goals
    • Environmental goals
  • What does one need, or must take into consideration?
    • Current law
    • Policy/Gidelines
    • Regulatory documents
    • Standards
  • Stakeholder and Materiality analysis
  • Goals/KPIs/Follow-ups
  • Action plans