Selling gaming products is not the same as selling milk!

In order to create a sustainable business, a company has to take into account the downside of gaming. Whilst it can be a pleasurable experience, some problems can arise which can have serious consequences for individuals and society in general.

By raising awareness of gaming problems, we create a better basis for learning how to deal with them. Today, the gaming industry has big challenges as various groups have started to question its practices.

It is important that your company has control of all relevant processes and creates sustainable long-term relationships with your customers. Step one is to be compliant with the law, and step two is to decide on what degree of sustainability your business wants to be at.

With over 15 years of experience building and developing responsible gaming, we are convinced that we have the right skills to help you with everything from strategy, policy, KPIs, education, research-based gaming responsibilities, world-wide analysis, communication, etc.

Around 2% of gaming participants can suffer from problems; some game types have a significantly higher percentage of problem players than others, and internationally fewer players are now playing for greater sums


We help identify improvements

Strandänger & Medvall can help you from scratch by doing a mapping/scoring analysis to identify potential gaps, or to advise on future progress.

Example queries

  • How does your company identify at-risk gamers/gamblers?
  • Have employees had recent training in gaming addiction, and can they handle difficult conversations?
  • How are your KPIs looking going forward?
  • Have you processes in place so that gaming responsibility is actively followed?


We help educate the gaming industry and other business fields

Strandänger & Medvall offer “responsible gaming” training for the gaming industry and for other types of businesses. Everything from gambling to money, computer games to screen addiction.

Gambling addiction has been previously classified as a disease, and now WHO have classified computer game addiction as a mental illness. Is it true that our screens are making us addicted? Learn more – we adapt the training as needed.

In the new Gaming Act and according to gaming authority guidelines, gaming companies licensed in Sweden must complete a basic education in responsible gaming / gambling problems

We can offer training so that you become legally compliant.

This would include, for example

  • External influences/Trends
  • Relevant legislation
  • Identifying:
    • Characteristics and symptoms of gaming problems
    • The presence of gaming problems and addiction
    • The relationship between gaming problems/addictions and other addictions
    • Preventing gaming problems
    • At risk groups and games
  • How are relatives and society affected?
  • Game Advertising and Marketing
  • Research
    • Risk and Protection Factors
  • Games and Youth
  • Computer Games / Screen Dependency
  • Help and Support